About JCO Sessions

What do you talk about on your sessions?

……so sometimes at JCO you might hear a discussion about the energy (Universal Consciousness, God, Paramatma) or something to do with the teacher (Guru, spiritual teacher, spiritual guide, medium) or about someone’s experiences…sometimes you might just hear a lot of laughter. 🙂

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Do I also have to talk on live sessions?

Some of us like to talk a lot….others are happy just to be quiet and listen…..there are no does or don’ts here, all is good 🙂

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Do I have to agree with what others share?

Noooo! Once again, there is no does and don’ts at JCO… The main thing is that we honour all perspectives and respect each others views and opinions. We recommend that people take away from the sessions what benefits them and for the parts they don’t relate to ….. just know that hopefully it is benefiting someone else.

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So what is happening on your live JCO meditation sessions?

Good question! 🙂 If you want to get a sense of what a session might sound like, click here for a recording of one of previous sessions some days ago

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What does it cost to join JCO sessions or online events?

Oh, that question… Nothing in life is free, right? Well, in our own words JCO is Free, it’s Fun and we’re proud to be Different. So yep, everything we offer around here is free of charge 🙂

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About Meditation

What meditation technique do you practice?

The meditation practice that we have chosen is Samarpan Meditation. Samarpan Meditation is not based on any religion so it can be practiced by anyone. There are no does and don’ts with this meditation; the belief is that once you start meditation, what is good for you will remain and what is not good for you will automatically fall out of your life.

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Why have you selected Samarpan meditation as your main one?

To be honest, we believe that when it comes to meditation then its neither you or us are selecting anything here… Meditation practice is one’s Soul journey, so we leave it for the Soul to decide what is best for us. You (your inner-you) is to decide whether this meditation practice is for you or not, once you try

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How do you do mantra meditation?

We begin our meditation by chanting, or listening to audio of the Samarpan Mantra. It is a beautiful tool to swiftly and smoothly take us into a deep meditative state and to connect us to the natural energy of Universal Consciousness. This mantra helps us to connect with universal energy, and it has strong effect and is full of vibrations. The Samarpan Mantra is being chanted and used in meditation centers all over the World. People from different backgrounds and cultures meditate through this Mantra.

After chanting the mantra we sit for half an hour crossed legged on the floor, allowing our thoughts to slowly disappear.

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Do you have a spiritual teacher?

Yes, Samarpan Meditation practice has a spiritual teacher. His name is Shree Shivkrupananda Swami. He spent many years in the Himalayas receiving knowledge from Gurus, Sages and Saints who taught him this meditation that has been practiced in the Himalayas for over 800 years.

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Is it important to have a spiritual teacher in this meditation practice?

While the focus of this meditation is on experiencing Universal Energy, for some of us our spiritual teacher is a very important; for others, neither the energy or the teacher is important – what is important is that they just feel good doing the meditation.

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Do I have to be practicing Samarpan Meditation to join JCO?

Not at all! Whether you are looking to join online meditation group for your personal spiritual growth or just for fun, rest assured that Join Collectivity Online community of like-minded people is here for you. We have our friendly conversations before or after meditation start. So you are welcome to join us for fun, engaging and informative chats on all meditation related aspects, and simply opt-out whenever we start mantra meditation. As long as we respect, love and support each other in this wonderful spiritual journey – it’s all good! 🙂

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General Questions

So at the end of a day… who are you, guys?

Simply put, we are people (yes, people! :-)) from all walks of life who come together with a common goal of becoming better people through meditation.

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What countries are you from?

There are several of us currently joining us from all different parts of the world including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Mauritius, Oman, Peru, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, U.K., and U.S.A.

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What ethnic, social or religious backgrounds you come from?

We come from many different ethnic and social backgrounds. We also have different religious backgrounds and some of us are still practicing the religious tradition within which we were raised. Others of us do not associate with a religion. All of us believe that meditation can add value to our lives.

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How can I support JCO?

Very nice of you indeed, Thank You for asking…

So many exciting things have happened recently with JCO:

– New sessions from Singapore on Thursday and Peaceful Mornings meditations… priceless!

– Some great events have taken place: the powerful 8 days Shibir, 2 workshops from USA, participation to the Global day of Meditation and Prayer and…

– …in less than a year this  community has grown to a collectivity of over 1,500 (members and followers through Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites)

Thanks to people like YOU, JCO have been exceeding expectations in terms of attendance (people from all countries, background and ages), Fun and Events…

Everyone have been constantly contributing to JCO, be it in a form of comments on Newsletters, online chanting, their presence during sessions, experience sharing, contagious laugh… providing suggestions and ideas…

Our vision…

JCO started with a dream of Collectivity and a common passion for Meditation and this dream is now just happening through all of YOU…

Sharing our passion?

If you feel like you want to contribute to this dream and become an active member, you can do so in different ways:

– We always welcome your ideas, feedback and comments to improve JCO…
– If you want to put your skills to good use, please get in touch now (could be anything)
– If you want to contribute financially towards our ongoing costs , you can do so by visiting this page. We recommend payments no more of $10 – £7 per 1 person, as we wish this to be a collective efforts.
– Or you can simply share our passion with your friends and family (on Social JCO)… !

Once again Thank you for showing your interest in joining the Collectivity and… for simply being You!

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