What Meditation We Practice


There are many different meditation techniques to choose from these days. Different practices, different results. Yet meditation is all good and we support them all! However, the one that we have chosen to practice is Samarpan Meditation.

“Samarpan Meditation is a universal meditation technique to connect with the Universal Consciousness, it is beyond the realm of religion and is practiced all over the world. Samarpan means complete surrender (of negativity, of the ego and of thoughts of the past and the future) so that we may experience connection with the divine within our own self. When we completely surrender everything, forget our physical existence as a body and identify ourselves as a pure and divine soul, our mind becomes still, there are no thoughts and we reach a state of ‘Thoughtlessness’ which is the stepping stone to our ‘Inward Journey’.Thus, Samarpan Meditation does not involve any physical exercises and anyone can easily practice it; there are no restrictions of age, belief, background or lifestyle. It is a path for direct, individual experience of the Divine, Universal Energy.

Regular meditation brings about complete balance in one’s life thus facilitating growth of a person at the physical, mental, social and spiritual levels.”

Since it is not based on any specific rules, religions or complicated techniques, it can be practiced by anyone. There are no does and don’ts with this meditation – you simply sit for 30min a day, connect with your inner-true-self and experience the benefits of it in your own daily life! It’s simple, it’s easy to start with, it’s powerful, it’s fun when done in a collectivity of like-minded ‘seekers’ and this is why we simply looove it!

The belief is that once you start meditation, what is good for you will remain and what is not good for you will automatically fall out of your life, and many of us, those who meditate regularly, are experiencing this on a day to day basis.

“Majority of problems in life exist due to imbalanced thoughts; meditation changes our way of thinking and thus many of our problems no longer remain. ~ H.H. Shree Shivkrupanand Swami”


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